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Controlling the Crop Controllables

John Davis

The opening session at today’s Wyffels Hybrids Corn Strategies 2010 focused on controlling what you can control.

Steve Johnson, a farm and ag business specialist with Iowa State University, told the tent full of about 600 corn farmers that too many of their colleagues are too focused on the things they can’t control, whether it is politics, oil spills or the weather.

“I’m trying to drive the participants today back to making not only production decisions, but financial and marketing decisions … and spend less time listening to all the clutter in the world [and be] very focused on family, friends, the community and their farm operations.”

Johnson admits that might be easier said than done, considering how connected people are with their iPhones, Blackberries and Internet connections right there in the cab of the tractor. But he says they have to choose to turn off some of those inputs.

“Turn off CNN. Turn off Fox News. Turn off talk radio. Focus on those things you have control over.”

Johnson says it’s great to be out at this location that Wyffels has set up right next to the corn fields at the Cummings family farm.

“It’s a great venue. As a presenter, you always like to get in front of a crowd. Rarely are they 500 and never are they in a tent, air-conditioned with a backdrop of corn with lights projecting up on the corn plants. It’s a fun venue.”

You can hear or download my entire conversation with Steve here: Steve Johnson, Iowa State Ag Extension

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