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Chuck Zimmerman

Jason MeekerWhen it comes to multimedia content on the new you will find lots of it. Talk about media convergence! Successful Farming magazine not only has an online home but in the latest issue of the printed publication you’ll find video content! Yes, it’s true and I got away without taking a photo of it to share. I’m pretty sure I can get one though. Okay, let’s get back to the website. Jason Meeker is the manager of multimedia content. He says they’re now able to feature video on all of the various sections and pages. In fact, visitors will be able to add their own videos very soon. Right now they can upload their own photos and share them.

Jason says the new is all about sharing content within and without of the community. He says they’re continuing to produce regular feature content like Machinery Pete. I had to look in envy at Jason’s Mac Pro which he uses to edit a lot of their video content. Jason’s also very involved in the Successful Farming Machinery Show on RFD-TV. Jason Meeker Interview Public Launch Photo Album

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