Plow Boys Make Planting Progress

Cindy Zimmerman

The planters were tearing it up around the country last week in the glorious weather. What a difference a year makes!

Last year at this time, just five percent of the corn was planted. As of Sunday, a whopping 19 percent was in the ground – more than twice the five year average! Illinois has 34 percent planted, compared to 12 percent for the five year average and just one percent this time last year. Indiana has more than four times the average in the ground at 17 percent – nothing was planted a year ago. Minnesota has 13 percent of the crop planted where the average is just one percent.

I found a number of 2010 planting videos already up on YouTube, but this one from Kelly Robertson of Benton, Ill., gets my personal Oscar nomination for the week. Kelly shot this video last week in a multi-tasking mode – planting, talking on the cell phone and shooting video, all at the same time! But, it’s the editing and the music that makes it. I nominate it for best editing, best musical score and best director! Maybe we need to start a new awards show for farming videos?

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