Earth Day Beef Rap

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Earth Day Beef RapNothing fuels an Earth Day dinner better than beef.

I think that’s what Beef Ambassador Allison Grainger and friends are telling us in this Earth Day Beef Rap video.

Let me know what you think. I’m sure Allison will be watching.

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  1. Laura

    Hold the beef on Earth Day!

    10. In the production of a single pound of beef, 11 times more greenhouse gas emissions result than during the production of 1 pound of chicken, and 100 times more than for a pound of carrots.

    9. 16 pounds of grain are required to produce 1 pound of beef.

    8. Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is produced from both ends of cattle to the tune of approximately 100 million tons a year – a key factor in the acceleration of global warming.

    7. Confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) produce approximately 500 million pounds of waste a year. One cow produces roughly 120 pounds of wet manure daily.

    6. There are close to 100,000 feedlots in the United States alone.

    5. 70% of grain grown in the United States is used by the meat industry.

    4. Over 5,000 gallons of water are required to produce one pound of beef.

    3. 70% of Amazonian rainforest, considered to be the lungs of the planet, is now occupied by pastures and feed crops – corn and soybeans to supply CAFO’s around the world.

    2. Global warming and the destructive aspects of global climate change are caused in large measure by the burning of fossil fuels and industrial agriculture. 18% of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the raising of animals for consumption.

    1. Giving up meat eating is the single most important and effective individual effort that can be made to make a difference in the health of the environment of the planet.

  2. Post

    Thanks Laura.

    Beef will always be what’s for dinner in my house. If you’re going to post statistics (most of which look meaningless to me and I really doubt #3) you might want to do some comparisons.


    How many pounds of waste do you produce a year?
    How much methane do you produce?
    How much water do you use a year?

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  4. Wrenn Pacheco


    Thanks girls for stepping out of the box and representing!

    Keep up the good work!

    Wrenn Pacheco

  5. Kim

    Cattle farming and ranching families care about the environment, just like you.

    America’s beef farmers and ranchers take many of the same steps to conserve as consumers do, including recycling, compositing and installing energy-efficient appliances and lightbulbs in their homes.

    In addition, beef producers apply specilized environmental practices on farms and ranches to conserve and improve the natural resources that are critical to do business.

    85 percent of farmers and ranchers say environmental conservation is important to their success.

    On average, each beef producer has 13 different practices in place to accomplish environment goals such as nurturing wildlife, preventing erosion or conserving and protecting water.

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