Agricultural Relations Council Mtg.

Chuck Zimmerman

Agricultural Relations CouncilIt sounds like the ARC annual meeting has gone very well in New Orleans. Thanks to Mace Thornton, AFBF, I got some notes about the meeting to share. Here’s what he says:

An aggressive plan in place to rebuild the organization and grow membership. Now have Den Gardner managing (have not had professional management for the last 3-4 years so this was a key decision) and an energetic board. I do believe that ARC’s period of dormancy is over. I know we are planning a webinar later this year and will conduct an industry PR trends survey, which we hope to make a yearly event.

Networking among people who speak the language of ag PR. We just started a facebook page and are redesigning our logo and website in the very near future. Tiered membership dues…$175 for first, $100 for second. Plus recruiting bonus, half off membership with 3 recruits, free membership with 5.