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Getting Smart with the Smart Nozzle

Laura McNamara

The Smart Nozzle does exactly what it sounds like it does. It’s a boom nozzle that can operate independently during sprayer operations. John Harrison Jr. is the Product Engineer for Harrison Technologies(pictured far left) and is the brainchild behind this innovative, yet “why-didn’t-I-think-of-this” technology.

“The smart nozzle takes existing technology for precision agriculture of boom control with the boom sections in a field and we take it one step further and go down to the nozzle level,” said John. “We can control each individual nozzle on a sprayer at any resolution that precision agriculture companies, that mapping companies want.”

John says the Smart Nozzle can enable controlled spraying within as little space as a single square foot.

“We can control on and off control to eliminate overlap, or we can even get down to the modulation of the individual nozzles so that we can do rate control at a square foot area,” John said.

Plus, John says, a wireless interface gives operators the option of turning on their booms without spraying anything. The nozzle is also compatible with sensors for plant and weed recognition. Ultimately, John claims that the Smart Nozzle can eliminate fertilizer and spray costs by up to 15 percent.

I spoke with John about his Smart Nozzle device and his small family business. In the interview, John explains that the Smart Nozzle isn’t the first precision agriculture technology that he’s come up with. It’s just the first he’s managed to commercially develop before before the big manufacturers such as John Deere, New Holland and Case IH. You can listen to my interview with John here:

You can also check out this video here:

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