Millennium Challenge Taking Up the African Challenge

Laura McNamara

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is an organization dedicated to reducing poverty worldwide. Ambassador John Danilovich, CEO of MCC, says a large part of the MCC mission lies in Africa. He says the MCC is partnered with 17 countries around the globe in an effort to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth. Ten of those countries are in sub-Sahara Africa, drawing in 70 percent, or 4.2 billion, of the 6 billion dollars in grants MCC has to offer.

The ambassador says he’s proud of the opportunity the MCC has to play a large role in the development of agribusiness in Africa.

“African countries continue to convert their great promise into an engine for sustained socio-economic growth. It’s exciting to see the positive change,” John said.

John added that he believes Africa possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit that is fostering dramatic reforms and new opportunities for investment and growth throughout various sectors of the African economy.

The ambassador spoke at the 2008 U.S. Africa Agribusiness Forum. You can listen to John’s entire presentation and a follow up question and answer here:

2008 U.S. Africa Agribusiness Photo Album

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