EPIC Kicks Off 92nd Indy 500 Festivities

Laura McNamara

92nd Indianapolis 500This Sunday marks the 92nd year for the infamous Indy 500 race and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council has all kinds of pre-race activities scheduled for this week.

Tomorrow, both EPIC and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council will be sponsoring discounted fuel at Crystal Flash pumps in Indianapolis. Consumers will get to fill up with EPIC Fueling LogoE10 for $2.97 or E85 for $1.85. EPIC is sponsoring a corvette giveaway with Hank FM on Wednesday and EPIC will host the Ethanol Summit and Panel Discussion on Thursday.

The rest of the weekend will feature member activities, driver autograph sessions, garage tours, the IPL 500 Festival Parade and, of course, the Indy 500 race.

You can find complete coverage of Indy 500 events and activities on energy.agwired.com.

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