I Don’t Want To Be Green

Chuck Zimmerman

I really hate to bring up the color green here even though it used to be my favorite color. But after reading on Meatingplace.com about a Greenpeace study that says that people should all become vegetarians in order to reduce global warming I can’t keep quiet. C’mon. They supposedly say according to the article (I don’t even want to waste my time looking up this tripe):

A Greenpeace International report released earlier this month places much of the blame for rising greenhouse gas emissions on agriculture — and specifically on livestock.

The solution, Greenpeace suggests, is that more of the world’s population need to become vegetarian so that the head count of livestock can drop.

It is only to laugh over since this is so sad. Folks, the whole “manmade” global warming hoax is all about setting up a gullible public to be open to this kind of lunacy.

Yesterday I got two solicitations from PR people for “green” clients. One wants me to point you to her client who can tell you how to have a “catered green party” and the other is something about planting trees and getting a coupon for their books they sell. Oh my gosh. Go away. Whackos abound and they’re all over this green thing. If I’m going to have a green party there will be green beer, guacamole, salad, etc. That’s the kind of green I like. Well there is money too.

I’m all for doing things that reduce or don’t cause pollution and being “responsible.” However, if anyone thinks that the world will end tomorrow or anytime soon just because we eat meat and drive cars they’re whacko in my book. Take good old Al Gore who was heard to say at Davos that if we don’t do something soon we’ll have a polar ice cap melt completely in 5 years. Huh?

It seems like agriculture is being pointed at increasingly by these whackos and the non-ag media love it. It’s so far from the truth that I really hope most people understand. If you haven’t read one of Stephen King’s Michael Crighton’s new books, “State of Fear,” (fiction) then I recommend it. I’m also going to get Dennis Avery’s new book, “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years” (not fiction).

I think I’ll take a green break and drink some tea. And let’s say it one more time, “Farmers are the original environmentalists.”

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