Dealing With Cotton Acreage Change

Chuck Zimmerman

Mark LangeThis afternoon I had a chance to meet Dr. Mark Lange, President and CEO of the National Cotton Council. This is him speaking at a lunch earlier today.

I actually interviewed him along with Don Molino, Louisiana Agri-News Network and Keith Merckx, Texas State Networks. Of course Don had to ask Mark about the WTO so we got him on a roll.

He says that with cotton acreage down and looking like it will continue to decline this year one of the challenges in the industry is farm management. Many cotton producers are also growing or looking at growing other commodities like wheat and therefore there’s a need to help them deal with a diverse crop. He wouldn’t really make a prediction about acreage decline but said he wouldn’t be surprised to see it be 10 to 12% this year.

Download my interview with Dr. Mark Lange here: Dr. Mark Lange Interview (8 min mp3)

You can also listen to the interview with Mark immediately here: beltwide-08-lange.mp3

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