Cotton Board Media Roundtable

Chuck Zimmerman

Cotton Board Media RoundtableI sat in on the Cotton Board’s media roundtable this afternoon but couldn’t stay to interview the participants. However, it was fascinating.

The topic was “How Sustainability is Impacting Every Stop in Cotton’s Pipeline.” Doesn’t sound particularly exciting but one of the speakers was Peter McGrath, EVP of J.C. Penney Company. It was an eye opener to hear him talk about how the company is proactively taking becoming green very seriously. They’re such a huge retailer that they are dictating how their suppliers do their business. For example, he says they tell manufacturers of cotton shirts what kind of dyes they’re allowed to use. He even said that they’re working to enforce water quality laws. That’s what I thought government did.

It was very interesting. I’m still hoping to get an interview sometime if possible. I think it’s something growers need to hear and know. By the way, Peter sits on the Cotton Board.

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