2007 Ag Equipment Sales Forecast

Chuck Zimmerman

AEM 2007 Forecast ChartThe Association of Equipment Manufacturers has come out with its annual industry forecast for the United States and Canada. These are 2007 Retail Sales Predictions (in units vs. 2006). If you can’t read this chart very well then go to their website and you’ll find a complete summary of their report in the Industry Trends section.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers participating in the survey expect the industry overall to experience flat or a slowing in retail sales of 2-wheel-drive tractors in 2007, with the greatest decreases in the over-100-horsepower category, and with U.S. sales slightly more robust than Canada. Sales declines are also forecast for 4-wheel-drive tractors, again with Canadian sales to be slower. The outlook is brighter for U.S. combine sales with slight growth predicted, while Canadian combine sales are predicted to decline somewhat. AEM notes that these numbers should be put in the historical perspective that they follow a few years of strong sales for the overall market for tractors and combines.

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