Missouri’s Cattlemen Foundation License Tag

Chuck Zimmerman

Missouri's Cattlemen Foundation License TagI’ve not been too fond of vanity license tags, especially since they cost more and then everyone knows where you’ve been. However, this is different and something that I think is a neat way to raise money for a good cause. I’m sure there are other states and groups where this kind of thing is available.

Missouri’s Cattlemen Foundation is happy to offer cattle producers and beef enthusiasts the opportunity to show their support for the beef industry and help MCF to insure the future of Missouri’s most vital natural resource … OUR YOUTH! The proceeds from the sale of Missouri’s first-ever livestock-specific vehicle license plate will directly benefit the programs of the Missouri’s Cattlemen Foundation: Cattlemen’s Children’s Fund; Farm Safety and youth education; and scholarships. For a minimum $25 donation to MCF (in addition to the standard $15-per-year Department of Revenue reservation fee) you can be among the first in the state to proudly display a Missouri’s Cattlemen Foundation license plate. You also get to personalize your plate with a unique letter and/or number combination of up to 6 characters. The plate’s colors and design depict the rich heritage of Missouri’s cattle industry and the dawning of a new day in Missouri with a cow silhouetted on the horizon. For more information or to request the paperwork to order your plates, contact Darla Eggers at (573) 449-4923 or darla@mocattle.com.

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