NAFB Group Poses For Picture

Chuck Zimmerman

Cattle Industry Convention-34The farm broadcasting members of NAFB posed for a picture after the media reception.

It’s quite a group.

I’ve been finding it interesting to see the range of technology being used by all the reporters here. The newsroom was set up with a lot of computers plugged into ethernet cables for internet access. They didn’t get used as much as personal notebooks though since I’ll bet that at least 75 percent of the reporters brought their own. I think organizational media rooms need to start supplying more open tables with just power outlets and high speed internet cables so we can set up our own. Wireless really needs to become a standard feature too. I heard people asking over and over for wireless. We had none in the room though since it needs to be scheduled in advance.

I am seeing a lot more digital recorders in action too and reporters using audio editing software. I’ve been offering some training and assistance when time allows. There’s still some good old audio cassette recorders in service. Not many though.

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