MFA HealthTrack Qualifies For MO QSA

Chuck Zimmerman

MFA HealthTrackMissouri is the first state to apply for a Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) program and MFA Incorporated’s Healthtrack program allows a producer to participate. To let them know MFA sent out a Talking News Release.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) is currently developing a Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) program that will allow producers to sell source and age verified cattle with third party verification through branded programs such as MFA’s HealthTrack Program, according to Mike John, Director of Beef Marketing for MFA, Incorporated.

“The QSA program is a tool that USDA has provided to the industry to comply with the beef export verification program. And this particular QSA will involve source and age of feeder cattle. So the system that is in place has to be designed such that it gives USDA confidence in proclaiming that they guarantee that the animals are so source and age verified.”

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