Monsanto’s YGPL Root Reports Hit The Airwaves

Chuck Zimmerman

MonsantoThis isn’t the first year they’ve done it but they’re doing it a little differently this year. That is they’re using ZimmComm to pre-record interviews with growers and technical representatives for a series of radio reports. They’re Osborn & Barr for their client, Monsanto, and the reports are about YieldGard Plus with a focus on corn plant root conditions.

This is kind of an adaptation of our Talking News Releases. We interview the grower and edit the sound bites. I upload them to our server. Then I create a document that contains the questions, followed by a hyperlink to those mp3 sound files on our server. The broadcaster is emailed the document. Then they can download the audio files and he/she’s got a ready made “live” interview to walk into the studio and record!

I’m sure these are tied into a paid advertising schedule. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The broadcaster has the flexibility to work with the material we provide to suit their format. They can edit the sound bites further if they need to for example.

Here’s a couple examples of what I’m talking about. Without posting a full document (there’s lots of them from multiple states) the broadcaster will get something like this:

What is the outlook for corn rootworm pressure this year, and why is it important for growers to conduct root digs to assess root damage? Audio monsanto-obermeyer-rootdig-cut1

That’s with Dr. John Obermeyer, an entomologist with Perdue University.

Another example would be:

How does your YieldGard Plus corn look at mid-season, and what are your expectations of how it will yield at harvest?
Audio monsanto-russell-cut6

That’s Joe Russell, a grower from Muncie, Indiana. Each interview and document has multiple Q&A which the broadcaster then turns into a “local” report for their listeners.

So you see, there’s lots of creative ways you can work with ZimmComm! Let us be your audio experts and we can help you prepare and distribute information to broadcasters more efficiently and easily for you and them.

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