Blogging My Way To Austin & Back

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s almost Commodity Classic time. Well some folks are already there.

I’ll be heading that way tomorrow and will be providing reports on what I see, hear and participate in. I can tell you that the trade show and press conferences alone would keep a person busy full time for 3 days. You should see the press conference invitations and notices I’ve got!

A highlight on the schedule will be the general session on Friday. Most of the attendees will get their first personal contact with our new Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns.

The session will start with a panel discussion, followed by a speech from Johanns.

Ag commentator John Phipps will moderate the panel, which includes Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore; agriculture biotechnology expert Sano Shimoda; and Lynn Jensen, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s rural development director for South Dakota.

Panelist will talk about topics, including the promise of biotechnology, combating negative consumer attitudes toward technology and farming, redefining U.S. agriculture’s role in improving the economic and social well-being of Americans and strategies for moving rural America forward.

Look for pictures and audio file links to statements and interviews I’ll conduct while I’m there.

It should be a very busy agenda!

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