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Chuck Zimmerman

Probably many of you already subscribe to AgriMarketing Magazine.

In case you don’t they have a good website and online versions of the magazine. In a bit of shameless self-promotion you might want to read this article in the March Edition. I kind of like the author. There are other good articles including one written by my good buddy Steve Mays.

I also just had another article pointed out to me in the WSJ. You can find it here.

Blogging is a great tool and I know the agribusiness world will embrace and use it. I’m scheduled to make a few presentations to agencies on blogging and Talking News Releases in the next month or so. Consider putting me on your calendar. My fee is reasonable!


Missouri Agricultural Leaders Luncheon

Chuck Zimmerman

The Missouri Agricultural Leaders Luncheon is an ad hoc group. That means no membership or staff. Just your handy volunteers which this year are Cindy and myself.

We coordinate a meeting monthly that rotates between Jefferson City and Columbia. At our March meeting our new Director of Ag, Fred Ferrell, spoke to over 75 people at Summit Lake Winery.

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You Can’t See It But The Wind Was Gusting & Cold

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s a better photo of Jack Arute, who was the Team Ethanol/IndyCar Press Conference emcee. It was sunny outside of Union Station in Washington, DC but the wind was blowing hard and the wind chill had to be about 10 degrees! By the time we were done I had no feeling in my hands and could barely hold a camera and recorder. Posted by Hello


Reporters Like Talking News Releases

Chuck Zimmerman

We don’t get much feedback sent to us but when we do it’s almost always positive. We really appreciate people like Jarrod who wrote this little note today:

PLEASE keep sending these. They’re great!
Jarrod Allen
News Director
Newark, Ohio

Jarrod’s note was in response to the release we sent out today for Team Ethanol. You can view it here: Ethanol – IndyCar Announcement


Big Press Conference in Washington, DC for Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

Team Ethanol put on a great press conference today thanks to some great folks from Integer Group. I’ll have more information about it by tomorrow but wanted to at least get one picture out today before calling it quits. The press conference was in Washington, DC outside of Union Station. I’ve got pictures, audio and of course Talking News Releases coming!

I did about 12 interviews during the course of the morning press conference event and will post more when I have time. Here I am with Tony George, CEO of Indy Racing League, right before he speaks to a group at a special luncheon after the outdoor press conference to announce that Indy Cars will convert to ethanol fuel. Posted by Hello

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The Final TNR With The New NRECA President – Great Reporter Feedback

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s Cindy interviewing Mike Treadwell (Oklahoma), new President of NRECA. Mike actually takes the reigns tomorrow officially. We’ll use the audio from this interview for the last NRECA Convention Talking News Release we’ll produce tomorrow.

Maybe you wonder if any reporters actually use what we send? Here’s an emailed reply we got this morning from a TNR we sent yesterday:

Chuck & Cindy,

Thanks for the NRECA Convention release with Conrad Burns. I’m using it on my Noon report.

Best Regards,

Bill Ray
104 Radio Road
Powells Point, NC 27966
Posted by Hello

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5 Talking News Releases In 2 Days – NRECA

Chuck Zimmerman

Chuck and Cindy are on the outside and inside from left to right are: Patrick Lavigne, Renee Butler and Eleanor Miller. It was great to work with them in San Diego, sending out Talking News Releases directly from their newsroom at the convention to reporters all over the U. S.! Posted by Hello

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