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Precision Ag News 6/1

Carrie Muehling

  • The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and hosting its 15th annual Conservation in Action Tour in St. Louis, Missouri, September 12 & 13, 2022. Online registration for the tour is quick and easy at
  • Syngenta Seeds announced that it is offering farmers its NK® Corn Replant Calculator for free, which will help agronomists and farmers make data-based decisions on whether to consider replanting their corn.
  • The recently introduced KestrelMet 6000 AG Weather Station has been updated to provide growers with field-specific data related to evapotranspiration and growing degree days — key factors in managing for enhanced crop performance and more efficient irrigation.
  • AgSensor Solutions, a platform company designed to help sensor creators move agricultural applications to market more quickly, has been named to the Industrial Practitioner Advisory Board (IPAB) of the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture (IoT4Ag).
  • SynTech Research Group and Alteia have concluded a cooperation agreement to use Alteia’s AI software platform to support SynTech’s services and its clients’ digital information needs. Alteia supports major breeding & crop prop protection companies to enable fast, precise and standardized traits and plant response measures.
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