GROWMARK Eyes Priorities for New Farm Bill

Carrie Muehling

GROWMARK Executive Director for Corporate and Government Relations Chuck Spencer heard some clear messages at a farm bill listening session during the 2017 Farm Progress Show in Decatur.

Spencer says agricultural producers in the Midwest have strong opinions about the need for crop insurance and how to improve current options. Farmers shared the desire for a strong safety net, hoping for improvements, but not fundamental changes, to price loss revenue coverage. Conservation practices continue to be another priority with a focus on soil health, water quality, and nutrient management.

Spencer shared other priorities with regard to tax reform, transportation and infrastructure as discussion ahead of the next farm bill continues.

“We all understand the critical value of our road, river, rail and runway systems. And that’s what needs to make us worldwide competitive, because we have technology advancements, growing advancements on the farm, and we’re more efficient acre by acre which helps sustainability,” says Spencer. “Now we need to make sure we get it to the markets as efficiently as possible going down that path. That’s new 1200-foot locks, that’s better bridges and roadways and it’s better transportation systems for the rail, as well.”

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