I AM @USFRA – @Iowa_Corn

Cindy Zimmerman

iamusfra-ia-cornMany of the 100 affiliates and partners that make up the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) are state organizations like Iowa Corn and we had a chance to catch up with them in their home state last week during the Farm Progress Show.

“We’re strong supporters of USFRA,” says Shannon Textor, Director of Marketing and Communications for Iowa Corn. “The way that we work together and invite customers and consumers to our table to learn more about where their food comes from is really the value that USFRA brings to us.”

Textor says USFRA has accomplished a great deal in a short time and helped provide its members with resources they can use in their own outreach efforts. “FARMLAND is a prime example of really showcasing agriculture and the farm families that grow the food,” she said. “It’s been a great asset for us. We’re brought it into schools and colleges to really help show and tell the story of American agriculture.”

Iowa Corn has also been able to take advantage of the USFRA Food Dialogues and Faces of Farming and Ranching. “I really think the partnerships show through on talking about antibiotics and GMOs, some of the tough issues.”

In this interview, Textor also talks about the importance of working with all commodity groups under one tent to share agriculture’s story: Interview with Shannon Textor, Iowa Corn


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