Undercover Videos – A Proactive Approach

Jamie Johansen

aaa-15-135-editedDr. Helen Wojcinski, DVM DVSc ACPV, Science & Sustainability Manager, Hybrid Turkeys, provided a case study on how they proactively managed an undercover video at the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit.

“We always want to make sure we have good animal welfare programs in place, commitment of senior managers and engagement of employees so they understand what it means. Training is very important and also the transparency with our customers and consumers through audits and sharing with them what our practices are.”

Helen also said we need to really “emphasize that we are always looking for better ways. Things that are better for our animals and better for our people.”

“One thing we had to sit back and realize was it that it wasn’t MFA hitting Hybrid or specifically the turkey industry. They really focused on all of animal agriculture across Canada in order to share their messaging of there being a lack of governmental control in the welfare of animals.”

Listen to my complete interview with Helen to hear more about what Hybrid did to combat animal activists and what they learned in the process: Interview with Dr. Helen Wojcinski, Hybrid Turkey

Find photos from the event here: 2015 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit Photo Album

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Coverage of the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit is sponsored by Elanco Animal Health
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