Film Introduces FFA to Custom Harvesting

Cindy Zimmerman

ffa-14-weaverMembers of the National FFA Organization had a chance to learn more about the “Great American Wheat Harvest” and even get to see the documentary film or buy the DVD.

The film was showing all week last week at the Kentucky Science Center for FFA members, according to producer/director Conrad Weaver, who talked to students about it and answered their questions. “A lot of kids who grew up on farms, maybe not in the Midwest, don’t understand that there are people who travel from Texas to Montana harvesting wheat,” said Weaver, who added that there are job opportunities available there. “We have harvesters now who are begging for young people to run combines, run tractors, drive trucks and they’re having a hard time finding Americans to do that.”

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Conrad here: Interview with Conrad Weaver, Great American Wheat Harvest

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