What Does Climate Change Mean to Agriculture

Jamie Johansen

nama-fall-13-goetzThe NAMA Fall Conference held breakout sessions to help educate agri-marketers from across the country about the ever changing world of agriculture. Presenter for one of the breakout sessions, Rodger Getz, AWIS Weather Services, Inc., spoke with Chuck following his presentation on, “Climate Change and Agriculture – What it Means to Agri-Marketers.”

“Agriculture like many industries is affected by weather and I think climate change is something that’s been in the news for the last 10-15 years. Significantly in the news the last couple of years and something that can be a source of confusion. Has there been climate change? If there has been, to what extent and what do we do about it? The purpose of my talk was to try and wade through some of that. Maybe not provide the answer, but provide some details so folks could make up their own mind.”

He later explained what the agricultural industry should be concerned with when it comes to change in weather patterns. Rodger also stated that meteorologists can’t scientifically predict weather 30 years out and forecasting the weather is still a challenge even with all the technology we have today.

“I think farmers and agriculture in general need to be more concerned about the day to day changes. And within a growing season be able to adapt things like a late frost that delays planting. What’s it going to look like potentially for the rest of the season and weather wise, how can we adapt to that. That’s where the biggest impact economically can take place in my opinion.”

Rodger’s take home message for NAMA members was simple. Do your own weather homework, look at the broad issue and it’s okay to question what you hear.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Rodger here: Interview with Rodger Getz

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