Harvest for Kids World Record

Chuck Zimmerman

The most combines harvesting simultaneously, ever. That just happened in Saskatchewan for a Harvest for Kids project! Can you imagine seeing 249 combines in action all at once. Combines of all colors! Here’s a note from Derek Unrau
Director, Harvest for Kids.

We were able to fill all 249 swaths with combines but a few did not finish so we do not yet have a final number. We will need to review footage in order to see exactly but we were right around 245 combines harvesting simultaneously on a sings field. A new Guinness World Record.

Here’s some more information on the project and Harvest for Kids:

On October 6, the stage will be set for a new harvesting world record for the most combines harvesting simultaneously on the same field. In 2010 Harvest for Kids ran 200 combines on a single field in southern Manitoba. This time it’s Saskatchewan’s turn and we’re proud to have their support in this great event. Come out for a day of celebration as we witness the unity of farmers and volunteers all in the name of bringing HOPE to children around the world.

Harvest for Kids focuses on Community Development programs directly linked with bringing hope to kids in the developing world. Our community development programs involve Children’s Programs and Micro Projects.

We work in many areas where children grow up being told they will never amount to anything and are never given a chance at life. Supporting leaders and camps through a Harvest for Kids Connexion can change that.
Through the camping programs, we have seen lives of children and young people changed with the new sense of value they receive. We have also seen children who have been through the camping programs return to become leaders of the camps and their communities.

We are working towards setting up micro-finance projects in Cuba, India and Cambodia in order to help feed communities and sustain the growth of the church and ministry programs. Monthly funding of these projects has the potential to make a huge and positive impact in Cuba. This new type of Connexion has great potential for lasting change.

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