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Being A Social Media Marketing Ag Leader

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 292Last week we heard how one of the major ag groups is using social media. This week we’ll hear how one agribusiness “leader” is doing so. I spoke with Katie Beeler, Ag Leader Technology, about how the company is incorporating social media into the marketing mix. Ag Leader Technology is a long time sponsor of our Precision Pays website!

In our conversation Katie describes how they measure effectiveness, ways they incorporate a blog (Precision Point), Twitter, Facebook and YouTube into their overall marketing plan. She also provides some tips for those just getting started.

Hear how Ag Leader Technology is going social in this week’s program: ZimmCast 292 - Ag Leader Technology

This week’s program ends with some music from Music Alley. It’s called “Young Leaders of Tomorrow” by Duwende.

Thanks to our ZimmCast sponsor, Growmark, locally owned, globally strong, for their support.

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