RFA Ethanol Podcast

1,547 Reporters Sent John Deere Talking News Release

Chuck Zimmerman

Yesterday I had a chance to show Barry Nelson, John Deere Public Relations Manager, how Talking News Releases work. He decided that his announcement today would be a good chance to try it out so . . .

John Deere had a press conference this morning. I recorded audio from each of the representatives quoted in the release. Those sound bites were edited and converted to mp3 files which are on our web server. Those files are then linked to in the release itself. We then emailed the release to reporters in the 31 soybean growing states. Those reporters not only have the release now but 8 different sound bites they can put on the air!

You can see the release here: John Deere Release

Isn’t that simple? And now John Deere’s release went to many new reporters who have the information they need for their medium. That audio can also now be used for other purposes and projects!