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South Florida Biodiesel & Texas Cattle

Chuck Zimmerman

What do they have in common?

I’m at the NCBA/CBB convention in San Antonio and just sent a Talking News Release out for the National Biodiesel Board simultaneously with their live press conference going on at their annual convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It’s amazing what you can do with computers and the internet today!

So, here I am covering the convention in Texas as a way to demonstrate how you can use a blog for your company and/or client. At the same time we have clients like the National Biodiesel Board who are having us do release projects for them. We’re about as mobile as you can get.

I think we’re also going to create a new blog just focusing on farm news and directed to farmers. What do you think of that? It just makes sense to have a couple of reporters who are running their own public relations company create a source for news and information which we’re helping produce. Of course it has to be transparent and we’ll be up front about what they will read.

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