Grains Council Starts Council Cast Podcast

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Add another farm podcast to your list. The U. S. Grains Council has introduced Council Cast. A team of Egyptian nutritionists traveled to the United States this week for a short course at the International Grains Program at Kansas State University, designed to educate the participants on the inclusion of U.S. sorghum in feed rations. Chris Corry, U.S. Grains Council …

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USDA Goes On a Rural Tour

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USDA has kicked off their Rural Tour: Renewing America’s Promise. They’ve not only got a website but are doing the whole social media thing. The Rural Tour is crisscrossing the country to listen to residents in small towns and get their thoughts on revitalizing our nation. Together, we can strengthen rural communities. We need your ideas to get the job …

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Corn Growers Work With Grains Council

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Leaders from the National Corn Growers Association were among those in attendance at the U.S. Grains Council delegates meeting this week in San Diego, including First Vice President Darrin Ihnen of South Dakota and Chairman Ron Litterer from Iowa. I talked to Darrin about a number of topics, including how NCGA works with USGC. “We work very well together,” Darrin …

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Students Share Experiences of Grain Mission Trip

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The U.S. Grains Council’s 49th Annual Board of Delegates Meeting luncheon on Monday featured two college seniors who shared their experiences as participants of the recent International Collegiate Agricultural Leadership (I-CAL) annual mission to Vietnam and China. Amy Berry, senior at the University of Wyoming, and Michelle Euken, senior at Iowa State University, told more than 300 attendees of their …

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Being Part of the Journey

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One Nebraska farmer’s wife got a greater appreciation of the impact U.S. agricultural producers have on the global economy when she was able to be a part of America’s Heartland “Journey of the Corn.” During the spouses breakfast at the U.S. Grains Council delegates meeting on Monday, Lori Tiemann shared some of her journey to Taiwan and China with her …

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Opening New Markets is Focus of USGC

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Rick Fruth is a corn grower from Ohio who serves as vice chairman of the US Grains Council and he says the continuing development of international markets is the main focus of their organization. “We’ve seen markets back in the 70s that were very important to us – western Europe and the former Soviet Union – evaporate and we’ve had …

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USGC Partnership with USDA FAS

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The administrator of USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service Michael Michener spoke to the US Grains Council delegates meeting this morning in San Diego about how the partnership between FAS and USGC helps to open markets for US agricultural products. “Over the years, FAS and the U.S Grains Council have formed a vital link between government and U.S. agriculture to maintain and …

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US Grains Delegate Meeting Underway

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The U.S. Grains Council 49th Annual Board of Delegates meeting got underway this morning with the issues session. Chairman Jim Broten of the North Dakota Barley Council welcomed the delegates to San Diego and the official start of business. The general session gets underway shortly, starting with USDA Foreign Agriculture Service administrator Michael Michener giving an update on “Increasing Trade …

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