Master Swinecaster

Chuck Zimmerman

The Swinecaster is on location with me here at the BI Swine Health Seminar. Ned Arthur is not only a master of audio production and farm podcasting but he’s also fully equipped to record video. See, it’s not just the “young” people who are using these new media tools. One of the producers here noticed that we do some similar …

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Producers Sharing Ideas

Chuck Zimmerman

The Boehringer Ingelheim Swine Health Seminar has started. The man who handles this territory for BI is Dan Johnson. He welcomed everyone to the seminar and introduced Dr. Stephen Lange, BI Swine Marketing Manager, who is emceeing our program. Dan says that participants come from a number of states, mostly east of the Mississippi River. We have the full range …

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East Coast Swine Health Seminar Bound

Chuck Zimmerman

After some fun agricultural marketing networking in Kansas City at NAMA Boot Camp I’m on my way to North Carolina for the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., Swine Health Seminar. ZimmBite – Boehringer Ingelheim on The program kicks off in the morning so you can expect to see some posts about what they’re doing in this area. In case you’re …

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Novus Nutrition Innovation

Cindy Zimmerman

The slogan for Novus International is “Performance Through Innovation” and that is why they employ more than 50 Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who work continuously to create new products and programs for animal health and nutrition. One of those is Dr. Brad Lawrence, a swine nutritionist who is manager of technical services for the Novus pork …

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Flying Pigs

Cindy Zimmerman

Who says pigs don’t fly? They do at World Pork Expo. The flag is a perfect image of the weather we had today in Des Moines – windy and sunny. Just a beautiful day. It’s fun to walk around the expo and see just how clever people are with the whole pig theme. You can see more shots of pig …

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WPX Audio and Photos Available for Media

Cindy Zimmerman

Some of our farm media friends have requested that we supply downloadable audio from World Pork Expo – so here are some files for your use. I just forget to do that now because it is so great to have the player that plays the audio immediately off the server. OK, let’s start with the interview from NPPC president Bryan …

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The Novus Pork Team

Cindy Zimmerman

This good-looking bunch represents the Novus International Pork Team on duty at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines. Novus is a relatively new pork industry partner, only about two years, but the company has been well known in the poultry industry for many years in the animal health and nutrition field. They actually have products and programs for beef, …

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Deputy Secretary at World Pork

Cindy Zimmerman

Deputy Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner visited the 20th annual World Pork Expo on Thursday and spoke with producers about some of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. On the opportunity side is exports. “Thanks to this industry for your role in leading US exports to another remarkable level,” Conner said. The latest forecast calls for agricultural exports to hit …

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