More Kansas City Happenings

Chuck Zimmerman

A Royal GalaThere is sure a lot going on in Kansas City in coming weeks. For example, besides the Boots, Barbeque & Business luncheon I just posted, there’s also the Livestock Publications Council, “A Royal Gala Awards Banquet. Make sure your fall plans include the Royal Gala in Kansas City coming up on October 21. This is the continuation of fundraising efforts to create the new Livestock Publications Heritage Center.

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Running Horses Best of The Bunch

Chuck Zimmerman

2005 Overall WinnerThe overall winner in the Livestock Publications Council, Best of the Bunch photo contest was Kelly Toledo, Trailhead Designs, with this picture – “Running Horses.” I think you’ll be able to find all of the winners on their website soon. This was in the August issue of their “Actiongram.” You’ve got to be a member to get it but I just wanted to share a good photo!


Ag Media Summit Photo Album

Chuck Zimmerman

Agricultural Media SummitSo if you weren’t able to attend the Agricultural Media Summit you can still get the flavor of it by visiting the articles that I posted this past week. This is one of those opportunities to use an AgWired category archive. In this case you can visit this link – Ag Media Summit Archive – and you’ll pull up all 30+ articles I did from both the Agricultural Relations Council Meeting and the AMS.

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