Siemens Will Say It On Agwired

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Harry SiemensLet me introduce you to Harry Siemens because you’ll be seeing his writing here on AgWired on a regular basis. We’re in a global farm economy right? So why not have some Canadian perspective? This is going to be fun. I’m just getting to know Harry and you and I will get to know him better together. Harry lives in Winkler, Manitoba. That’s not too far from the U. S. border. Harry “gets” this blogging thing and I’m really excited to have him become a part of the AgWired world.

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Bodisen Launches Mancozeb Facility

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Bodisen Biotech It seems like we’re seeing more and more news from China these days. In this case, Bodisen Biotech, which claims that it is the first China-based environmentally friendly bio-fertilizer company listed on a US stock exchange (AMEX),” today announced the launch of its new pesticide raw materials production line which is expected to make it one of the largest producers of Mancozeb in China.

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G10 Countries Express Trade Concerns

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As we get closer to the Hong Kong Ministerial of the WTO the rhetoric is heating up. Ag groups here in the United States have sure been sending out the “position” releases. I have to call them that since I’m not sure I would use the word news to describe the content of a lot of the ones I see. They are informative though for reporters, most of which probably don’t “use” them other than for background information.

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