Onward To Switzerland

Chuck Zimmerman

Thun, SwitzerlandApparently Thun, Switzerland didn’t look this serene last week as the rain was falling. Little did we know that there was serious flooding until getting an email from the IFAJ organizing committee that our hotels aren’t affected.


ZimmCast Features IFAJ Congress Organizer

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 30The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress 2005 is getting closer. In this week’s ZimmCast I interview one of the organizers. He’s Markus Rediger, Agricultural Information Center, from Switzerland. I met Markus at the Ag Media Summit and he clued me in on what we have to look forward to and why he thinks any ag journalist should consider attending.

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Are Publishers Ethical?

Chuck Zimmerman

Ag Media Summit WorkshopEthics again. I interviewed David Markey by phone a few days ago at his office in Dublin, Ireland and now he’s here in the states. He just gave a workshop on “Can Publishers Afford To Be Ethical?” It’s clear that the whole issue is very “unclear.” However, in his publication group everything is run by his editors. He issues no mandate from on high. As we heard yesterday at the ARC meeting and again today, there’s just more and more pressure being put on ag media to run public relations material. I thought it was very interesting that although David will publish an advertorial he charges 25 percent more to the advertiser. Makes sense to me.

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Special ZimmCast With IFAJ President From Ireland

Chuck Zimmerman

International Federation of Agricultural JournalistsI hope you like an Irish accent because you’ll get one in this special edition ZimmCast. The president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists is David Markey. He’s CEO of IFP Media in Dublin, Ireland and he’s my guest in this interview program. He’s also presenting at the Agricultural Media Summit that gets underway this weekend. I caught up with him in his office and I think you’ll enjoy hearing him talk about IFAJ and why it’s good for us to get together and trade information from around the world.

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Writing Our Way To Switzerland

Chuck Zimmerman

Actually I hope we can eat some good cheese and chocolate and sample some great wines!

I’ll be in some excellent company on my trip this fall to the IFAJ Congress in Thun, Switzerland. At this point I know that John Walter, editor, Agriculture Online/Successful Farming, Mike Wilson, editor, Farm Futures, Kelly Schwalbe, BCS Communications and Greg Lamp, editor, The Corn And Soybean Digest will also be going.

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