Results from GROWMARK Annual Meeting

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Last week GROWMARK held their Annual Meeting to discuss the year-end financial results and carry out other business for the cooperative. Business units produced record sales for the 2013 fiscal year, which ended August 31. I spoke with CEO of GROWMARK, Jeff Solberg, and he reported estimated sales of $10.3 billion for fiscal year 2013. Pretax income is estimated at …

Audio, Cooperatives, GROWMARK Jamie JohansenResults from GROWMARK Annual Meeting

An On The Farm Full Service Provider

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GROWMARK, along with FS had a strong presence at the recent Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL. No matter where you went it was hard to escape the view of an FS flag waving high in the sky. Not only were they again sponsors of fuel used throughout the grounds, but they also gave a hands-on view of all the …

Audio, Cooperatives, Energy, Farm Progress Show, GROWMARK, Seed Jamie JohansenAn On The Farm Full Service Provider

Fueling the Farm Progress Show

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You can only imagine the fuel consumption during the Farm Progress Show. GROWMARK and FS have sponsored the fuel for the largest outdoor farm show for the last 30 years and expect to go through about 2,500 gallons this year. That amount is down from previous years because the field demonstrations had to be cancelled. Gerald Doty retired from the …

Audio, Cooperatives, FS System, GROWMARK Jamie JohansenFueling the Farm Progress Show

GROWMARK Supports Illinois Ag in the Classroom

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GROWMARK took advantage of the warm sunny skies of the 2013 Farm Progress Show and announced their donation of $70,000 to Illinois Ag in the Classroom programs. The funding will go to support IAA Foundation’s grassroot efforts to aid Agriculture Literacy Coalitions across the state of Illinois. These programs reach over 500,000 students in both rural and urban areas. GROWMARK …

Audio, Education, GROWMARK Jamie JohansenGROWMARK Supports Illinois Ag in the Classroom

GROWMARK Report on China Demand

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Is demand from China really driving commodity prices? That was the question that GROWMARK economic and market research manager Kel Kelly set out to answer in a recent research report. “Overall the report concludes that China does not have the dominant impact on commodity prices that everyone thinks they do,” said Kelly in an AgWired interview. “The primary reason for …

Audio, Grains, GROWMARK, International Cindy ZimmermanGROWMARK Report on China Demand

AgriVisor Helps Market Grain to Maximize Profitability

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Grain marketing in today’s world means diversification and minimizing risk to maximize profitability, and AgriVisor helps farmers do just that. Account manager Cory Winstead says there are several ways they work with farmers. “We work directly with brokerage services and then since 1973 AgriVisor has been putting out general advice with recommendations,” he said. They also work with elevators, offering …

Audio, Farming, Grains, GROWMARK, Marketing Cindy ZimmermanAgriVisor Helps Market Grain to Maximize Profitability

GROWMARK FS Websites Get Updates

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The 35 FS member cooperatives of the GROWMARK system are getting updated websites to better serve their customers and farmer-owners. “Technology’s changed so much we really wanted to be able to give our members as much of an advantage with their websites as possible,” said Jana Kiefer, GROWMARK Electronic Communications Coordinator, who noted that they have been in the website …

Agribusiness, Audio, Cooperatives, GROWMARK Cindy ZimmermanGROWMARK FS Websites Get Updates

Checking in with the AgFanatics

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The AgriVisor AgFanatics podcast has logged 40 episodes since its debut in December 2012, and quite a few since we last talked to them in March, so we decided it was time to check in for an update on how these two wild and crazy ag guys are doing. “It’s going great, we’re continuing to gain listeners and we’re continuing …

Audio, GROWMARK, Podcasting Cindy ZimmermanChecking in with the AgFanatics

GROWMARK: CTIC Support is Being Good Stewards

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The Conservation Technology Information Center tour just completed with a theme of “Community 4 Conservation” this year. Dan Maggart with GROWMARK (pictured to the right, talking to bus load on the tour about what GROWMARK offers in way of agronomic services) explained why his company sees itself as such a good fit as a sponsor for the tour and its …

Ag Group, Agribusiness, Audio, Conservation, CTIC, GROWMARK John DavisGROWMARK: CTIC Support is Being Good Stewards

GROWMARK Sees Demand for New Grain Dryers

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Almost a year ago, GROWMARK’s Total Grain Marketing (TGM) location at Neoga, Illinois completed installation of a groundbreaking mixed airflow grain dryer. with the help of Chief Industries, United Kingdom. Now, GROWMARK Commercial Grain Systems Project Manager Paul Brooks says they are working on constructing another one in Kearney, Nebraska where it will be used for drying organic grains such …

Audio, Grains, GROWMARK Cindy ZimmermanGROWMARK Sees Demand for New Grain Dryers