Retailer Perspective On FMC Summer Plot Tour

Chuck Zimmerman

A large group of retailers attended the FMC Summer Plot Tour in York, NE. They were there to learn what’s new from FMC and have the opportunity to see test results and interact with FMC product managers. We divided up into three groups and rotated field stations. To get a perspective of what these folks were learning I spoke with …

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Anthem From FMC

Chuck Zimmerman

The Midwest Technical Lead for FMC Agricultural Products is Gail Stratman. He conducted one of our FMC Summer Plot Tour classes both inside and outside today. I sat down with him afterward to learn what’s new with FMC. Gail says Anthem is what’s new. Anthem is a new pre-plant, pre-emergence and early post herbicide currently being developed by the company. …

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Going To Class With FMC

Chuck Zimmerman

The FMC Summer Plot Tour is underway. We’re in class right now to learn what’s new. What’s really new is Anthem herbicide. FMC’s Gail Stratman is our teacher. I’ll be interviewing him later this morning after we get out in the field to see some of the test plot results. I’ve got an online photo album started which you can …

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FMC Summer Plot Tour

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello from York, NE and the first of a series of summer plot tours by FMC. Today we’ll be learning what’s new with product names like Capture, Cadet, Anthem and Authority. Our day starts inside with several presentations before departing for the fields. This is my first opportunity to work with FMC and I’m looking forward to learning more about …

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FMC Puts Authority XL on Display

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s what’s new from FMC. At the Commodity Classic I spoke with Matt Foster, FMC, about Authority XL which was just recently launched. This is the fourth brand in the Authority portfolio which he says is a nice fit in the “I-70 corridor.” We’re at planting time so hopefully weed management decisions have been made but it’s not too late …

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