Crushing Growth

Chuck Zimmerman

Archer Daniels MidlandThe old food vs. fuel debate never ends. I am of the opinion that our farmers and agribusinesses can more than compensate for the needs of both. For example, take this announcement from ADM. They’re going to increase oilseed crushing capacity at a number of plants. I’m sure this is just one example of how we’ll continue to develop alternative fuel sources while still feeding the world.

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FlexFuel Motors

Chuck Zimmerman

The Ethanol ShowA new exhibit out here at the Farm Progress Show was put together in just the last 45 days by FlexFuel Motors.

The man who’s the inspiration and work horse behind it is Tad Whitten, Motor Sports Management, Inc. Besides having a variety of vehicles on display that utilize ethanol or biodiesel, he built a replica of the first ethanol filling station which was in Nebraska. As you can see in the picture he’s found pumps and other original equipment and even built the building as close to as possible to the original as he could.

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Biofuels Day In Kansas City

Chuck Zimmerman

Wayne TeddyIt has been a biofuels kind of day for ZimmComm. Cindy and I have been here in Kansas City all day. I first went to the announcement ceremony for the proposed Cargill/Paseo Biofuels biodiesel plant which would be built adjacent to the existing Cargill soybean processing facility in north Kansas City. Then I joined Cindy at the American Coalition for Ethanol conference which is also taking place here. You can find more coverage on Domestic Fuel.

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Perspective On Fuel Prices

Chuck Zimmerman

JJ BrownI was very impressed today by the presentation here at the Clean Cities Congress given by J.J. Brown, Legislative Aide for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. We’re hearing a lot of whining and complaining in the media about gas prices and lately a lot is being said about oil company profits. After hearing Senator McCain yesterday mention ADM and his lack of support for what he calls ethanol subsidies I think it’s time to put things into perspective.

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