Contamination Prevention at Beltwide Cotton

Chuck Zimmerman

Earlier this week the 2015 Beltwide Cotton Consultants Conference took place in San Antonio, TX. One of the hot topics discussed during the event was contamination prevention. Dale W. Thompson, National Cotton Council, spoke to the group in attendance about the potentially growing problem. Dale said this is no new problem for cotton growers and has a huge impact on …

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New Format for Beltwide Cotton Conference

Talia Goes

The National Cotton Council coordinated Beltwide Cotton Conferences has a new format that no longer includes the production conference component but continues the forum’s technical conferences and adds emphasis to the consultant’s conference. The 2014 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, set for January 6-8 at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel, will include a half-day Cotton Consultants Conference and the day and a …

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Deere Harvest ID Cotton at Beltwide

Jamie Johansen

We told you about John Deere’s Harvest Identification, Cotton when it was first introduced last year at Beltwide Cotton Conferences. This year we got an update from Janae (formally Althouse) Tapper on this precision harvest technology and grower adoption of it. “John Deere harvest identification is really important to the cotton growers so they can understand how many modules are …

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Bayer CropScience Honors Cotton Growers for Yields

Cindy Zimmerman

Bayer CropScience and FiberMax® cotton are looking for more members to join the FiberMax One Ton Club™. “More than 410 growers who’ve achieved 2,000 pounds of cotton to the acre on at least 20 acres, doing that with more than 27 varieties,” Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for FiberMax, told attendees of the Beltwide Cotton Conference, highlighting the high yields …

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Cotton Trade Dispute Update

Cindy Zimmerman

Extension of the 2008 farm bill raises questions about resolution of the cotton trade dispute with Brazil, according to Dr. Gary Adams, Vice president of economics and policy analysis for the National Cotton Council. “I think we have to figure out how Brazil reacts to a one year extension (of the farm bill),” Gary said in an interview at the …

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Stoneville Offers Two New Cotton Varieties

Cindy Zimmerman

With weed resistance exploding across America’s farmland, Bayer CropScience has introduced two new Stoneville cotton varieties for 2013 that give cotton growers more tools to fight weed resistance and rotate herbicide chemistries on their farms. Steve Nichols, U.S. Agronomic Services Manager for Bayer CropScience, gave the media an overview of the new varieties during the Beltwide Cotton Conferences last week. …

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Keeping the Media in High Cotton

Cindy Zimmerman

Marjory Lynch Walker and T. Cotton Nelson have staffed the news room at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences for many, many of the event’s 58 year history and while they are not sure what the changes in store will mean for media attendance, they are looking forward to moving ahead. “Media attendance has always been healthy here. We’ve had as many …

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FMC Committed to Cotton

Cindy Zimmerman

Despite changes planned for Beltwide Cotton Conferences in 2014 that mean no more technical exhibits, FMC Corporation remains committed to involvement in technology transfer within the cotton industry, according to Product Manager Stu Throop. “Needs are changing just as the industry’s changing,” said Stu, pictured here on the left with some of the FMC team at Beltwide. “The anchor to …

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