ZimmCast With Gary Myers

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ZimmCast 25 - Gary MyerOne of the seminars at the Ag Relations Council meeting focused on “Ethics in Public Relations” and one of the panelists was Gary Myers, founder and past president of Morgan & Myers. Gary is still providing council to the agency. I spoke with him about his thoughts on this subject and his suggestions for young people entering the profession.

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No Color Printer At The Hilton

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Milwaukee RiverwalkAllow me to rant for a moment. While the ARC panel is going on I thought I’d see if I could get a document color printed here at the Hilton. No color printers on site. The concierge sent me on a 15 minute walk to Kinkos. Guess she didn’t know that it closes at 2pm on Saturday. So on my 15 minute walk back I did take this picture of the Milwaukee Riverwalk area. It had a calming effect on my feelings at that moment. It’s hard to see in this little photo but Usinger’s, a fine Wisconsin sausage maker is in the background.

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Complete ABM Agri Council Study To Be Released At AMS

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ABM Agri CouncilThis is going to be my last post until I’m in Milwaukee. That’s because I’m driving and will be most of tomorrow. So I thought I’d get in one last post about the Ag Media Summit. One of the 3 main organizing groups, the American Business Media Agri Council, will be presenting the complete results of their media usage study next Tuesday. We pointed you to it recently and the webcast just touched on the highlights. I’ll try to get more details to provide you next week.

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Special ZimmCast With IFAJ President From Ireland

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International Federation of Agricultural JournalistsI hope you like an Irish accent because you’ll get one in this special edition ZimmCast. The president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists is David Markey. He’s CEO of IFP Media in Dublin, Ireland and he’s my guest in this interview program. He’s also presenting at the Agricultural Media Summit that gets underway this weekend. I caught up with him in his office and I think you’ll enjoy hearing him talk about IFAJ and why it’s good for us to get together and trade information from around the world.

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