Big Press Conference in Washington, DC for Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

Team Ethanol put on a great press conference today thanks to some great folks from Integer Group. I’ll have more information about it by tomorrow but wanted to at least get one picture out today before calling it quits. The press conference was in Washington, DC outside of Union Station. I’ve got pictures, audio and of course Talking News Releases …

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The Final TNR With The New NRECA President – Great Reporter Feedback

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s Cindy interviewing Mike Treadwell (Oklahoma), new President of NRECA. Mike actually takes the reigns tomorrow officially. We’ll use the audio from this interview for the last NRECA Convention Talking News Release we’ll produce tomorrow. Maybe you wonder if any reporters actually use what we send? Here’s an emailed reply we got this morning from a TNR we sent yesterday: …

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Relaxing With The “Uncle”

Chuck Zimmerman

We just had to post a picture of us at the NRECA convention with our old buddy, “Uncle” Nip Neidert. We worked with Nip at Learfield Communications for many years and he’s still a valued friend and associate. We’re proud of him and the job he’s doing for National Country Market.

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Run The Audio & Video Into The Newsroom Please

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s what every good newsroom should have in it. It’s a monitor with a video feed from the general session and with it a mult box, which contains the audio feed, allowing multiple reporters to plug in and record the speeches! It makes it so much easier for reporters, especially when the newsroom and ballrooms are so far apart. I …

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