Illinois Corn Sponsors Team Ethanol

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Bryan FogersonOne of the sponsors of Team Ethanol this year is the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. Representing them at the media event on Friday was Bryan Fogerson, board member and corn grower from Tuscola, IL. Bryan allowed me to interview him about his organization’s sponsorship and he talks about what the increased use of ethanol will mean to farmers and consumers.

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Ethanol Powered Indy Car Makes History

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EPIC LogoToday’s running of car #91, Hemelgarn Racing, around the Indianapolis Speedway was the subject of a Talking News Release for the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council. The release was distributed as soon after the car made its historic laps as possible to radio reporters nationwide. The release was structured a little differently than normal. It contains links to 5 full interviews that reporters (or you) can download and listen to and use on the air. Additionally, there’s links to photos that can also be easily downloaded for media use (or yours). It’s a very complete media package. Maybe next time we’ll include video!

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Indy 500 Ethanol Promotion Powered By EPIC

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Tom SluneckaThe organization that put together the media event today at the Indianapolis Speedway that featured Team Ethanol’s #91 car making laps fueled by 100% ethanol is the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council (EPIC). EPIC is headed by executive director, Tom Slunecka. Tom works with great folks like Joanna Schroeder, at the Integer Group, who help coordinate all the details.

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Ethanol Car Will Roll At Indy

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Ethanol CarHere’s an end of the day post from Indianapolis. We’re heading out to the track early tomorrow. I understand that there are some restrictions on what we can take pictures of but I’ll find out more when I get there. It’s all in the name of ethanol promotion since Indy cars will be fueled by ethanol by 2007. Tomorrow we’ll get to see car #91 do laps with an ethanol/methanol fuel mix.

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