2021 AgDay

ASTA CSS and Seed Expo Kicks Off Monday

Cindy Zimmerman

The biggest seed industry event of the year kicks off Monday, December 7, as the American Seed Trade Association presents the annual ASTA CSS and Seed Expo with a state-of-the-art virtual format that is almost like being there.

The organization has already conducted two virtual member meetings this year and Jennifer Crouse, ASTA Senior Director of Meetings and Services, says they have put a great deal of effort into making this event engaging for attendees. “What they are going to experience in our virtual event is geared toward as much interpersonal interaction and engagement as possible,” said Crouse.

She says they had some fun designing their custom platform to be like the Chicago Hyatt hotel where the meeting is normally held, but with some upgrades like putting the Big Bar right in the middle of the trade show and having fields of corn outside the windows instead of downtown Chicago. “But one of the biggest things strategically is that we are going to extend the life of this … there’s going to be several months where you can visit the trade show.”

Monday’s agenda starts with a general session featuring a panel of speakers from the industry’s largest companies, each presenting their company’s perspective on what lies ahead for the seed industry after a year of upheaval for the entire world. That sets the stage for three full days of informative sessions and trade show visiting.

Registration and more information can be found here. Learn more about what is in store next week in this interview with Jennifer.
ASTA Interview with Jennifer Crouse on Seed Expo (7:05)

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