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Soil Health Key for Hemp Production

Carrie Muehling

Much like traditional row crops, soil health is also very important when growing industrial hemp, according to David Yoder with BigYield.us.

“We’re really big on soil health,” said Yoder. “What we’re seeing is, the hemp product is going to look a lot like corn, as far as your nutrient levels. So we’re basing a lot of our information and knowledge off of that. That’s kind of a good starting point that we’ve found and we’re helping guys get where they need to be.”

BigYield.us offers growth enhancing products for organic corn, soybean, wheat and now hemp production, as well as weed burners for eliminating weed pressure in the row while growing organic crops. Yoder was at the 2020 Heart of America Agricultural Hemp Classic in Independence, Mo.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with David here: Interview with David Yoder, BigYield.us

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