House Ag Committee on Feral Hogs & Swamp Rats

Chuck Zimmerman

At least one House committee dealt with a real issue for a change. This is from the @HouseAgDems Twitter feed and was emailed out by the House Ag Committee. Invasive species are a real problem which needs attention and solutions.

Yesterday, our Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture held a hearing on Safeguarding American Agriculture from Wild, Invasive, and Non-Native Species, and we covered a whole range of topics.

Just about every single member of the Subcommittee had a question about feral hogs, but it was Rep. Josh Harder from California that got everyone’s attention with his chart on Nutria – or Swamp Rats as he calls them.

We had witnesses from all over the country that deal with plant and animal health, and there was some serious discussion about the threats America faces when importing foreign ag products, and how we work near and around our northern and southern borders. You can watch the full hearing right here.

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