CARBO Ceramics Signs Agreement With INNOVAR AG

Cindy Zimmerman

CARBO Ceramics and INNOVAR AG, LLC have just signed an agreement that combines CARBO’s manufacturing and material science expertise with INNOVAR’s new Encapsulated Infused Fertilizer (“EIF”) technology, and extensive experience with Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (“EEF”), with benefits for both the agricultural and turf markets.

The companies have worked together on a new product that reduces nitrogen loss, increases microbial populations, and enables phosphorus, potash, sulphur and micro nutrients to be released from the soil profile and become better utilized by plants.

CARBO CEO Gary Kolstad says the partnership is another step in their strategy to utilize the company’s core strengths in the fast-growing agriculture technology space. “INNOVAR AG is a leader in developing EEF technology, which ultimately helps to make crops more productive to better serve the increasing global demand for food products, but also reduces the environmental impacts associated with the inefficient fertilizers used today,” Kolstad said. “We will continue to look for more client opportunities to grow our presence in EEF technologies and agriculture.”

“Combining our knowledge and experience in EEF technologies with CARBO’s extensive material science and precision manufacturing capabilities was critical in allowing us to develop InnoSolve 45NTM,” said INNOVAR AG CEO Andrew Semple. “We expect strong adoption of this product based on positive research studies that support its efficacy. As an example, one research study performed on corn crops with InnoSolve 45N components showed an approximate 24% increase in yield, with an approximate 5-to-1 return on investment.”

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