Intergro Helping Farmers Grow Their ‘Hempire’

Carrie Muehling

Farmers attending the inaugural Florida Industrial Hemp Conference in Orlando had lots of questions about growing hemp as a commodity crop. Intergro was one company providing some answers for them.

Intergro CEO Joe Gordhamer told farmers that if they have experience growing other crops, they can grow hemp. He said the potential use for the hemp is important, suggesting growing for CBD is more like growing vegetables, and growing for industrial hemp is more like raising row crops.

“Bottom line is, if you take care of the plants under drip and plastic, if you treat them carefully and give them what they need, you’ll get a good crop,” said Gordhamer.

He told farmers the growing environment is important, from raised beds to nutrition and protection from disease. Because the the list of crop protection products available for growing hemp is very restricted, Gordhamer said Intergro’s preventative prebiotic foliar spray is a valuable product to give leaves a protective coating.

“We have thousands and thousands of acres of vegetables on these products successfully defending against disease. And really it is just using these natural products, powered by nature, for hemp,” Gordhamer said.

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Interview with Intergro CEO Joe Gordhamer

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