Bayer Maintains Strong R&D Commitment to Agriculture

Cindy Zimmerman

A year after its acquisition of Monsanto, Bayer remains more committed than ever before to investments in new data science and technologies for food production.

“We are very proud of our leading R&D pipeline with 75 projects in seed & traits, crop protection and Digital Ag pipelines,” said Bob Reiter, Head of Research and Development for the Crop Science Division. “With hundreds of new hybrids and varieties commercialized annually, we are best-positioned to discover, combine and tailor solutions for growers around the world.”

In 2018, Bayer invested about $2.5 billion in Crop Science R&D on a pro forma basis – more than any other competitor in the industry. Some 7,300 scientists are working in over 35 R&D sites and more than 175 breeding stations to deliver innovation. Most recently, the company finalized an agreement with biopharmaceutical research company Arvinas to create a joint venture – newly named Oerth Bio (pronounced “Earth”) – and explore how molecular-degrading proteins found in plants and animals can protect crops against threatening pests and diseases.

Listen to Reiter’s remarks during the Bayer Future of Farming Dialogue held this week in Germany.
Bob Reiter, Head of Research & Development, Bayer

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