BASF Breeding Goals and Trial Varieties for 2019

Carrie Muehling

BASF Global Cotton Breeding Manager Dr. Margaret Shields took the opportunity to thank producers attending the inaugural BASF APT (Agronomic Performance Trials) Summit for their work and how important it is to ongoing research.

Shields shared the company’s mission of being the leading, innovated and trusted seeds and traits organization providing superior, differentiated solutions to customers. With regard to cotton, she told growers that includes a focus on yield protection, yield stability and potential, fiber quality and seed quality, and agronomics. Research on native traits is helping to boost yield protection, especially when it comes to diseases like bacterial blight. The company is also implementing predictive tools to bolster yield stability and potential.

Shields said BASF has a presence in all major areas of the Cotton Belt from North Carolina to Texas to Arizona and even Costa Rica.

Listen to the entire presentation here: Remarks from Dr. Margaret Shields, BASF

2019 BASF APT Summit Photo Album

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