FMC’s Precision Platform Provides Choices for Growers

Chuck Zimmerman

FMC is focusing on precision when it comes to crop protection. With current product 3RIVE 3D and newly acquired PrecisionPac from DuPont, the company is organizing itself around precision application technologies.

While traits are important, FMC’s Rick Ekins said they’re not the only answer. Other modes of action like precision crop protection products help to further protect the grower.

“The capability is certainly there to get very precise with the application rates, to be able to change rates on the fly, things of that nature. We’re trying to think ahead as far as we can and be compatible with the software that’s out there or the software that we can see coming and make sure that no matter what brand of planter a grower is using, they can still use our 3RIVE 3D application system,” said Ekins, who works on Precision Platforms for FMC.

Ekins said FMC is unique in agriculture because they are not constrained or tied to a seed brand, allowing growers the freedom to make decisions that are right for their crop. The new FMC Freedom Pass program is built around that concept. New products will soon expand FMC’s presence in the soybean, wheat and sunflower markets.

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