The Farmhouse Movement – Magazine and Movement

Chuck Zimmerman

I found this magazine, The Farmhouse Movement, on a store rack and the name made me buy it. I think it was our local Winn Dixie. I have not had time to read much yet. I’m planning to do that on a plane tomorrow.

But, I thought I’d bring it to your attention to see what you think. As I’ve looked at the website and in the first edition of this magazine it’s more of a movement. It appears to be in a very starter stage so I guess if the community grows we’ll learn more.

Here’s an excerpt explaining the movement:

We believe there is a movement happening in our generation. That many of us are drawn to the concepts, beauty, simplicity, and personality of a well-loved place from yesteryear… a place we call: the farmhouse. A place that is less about the farm, and more about the house.

We believe it’s the epitome of days gone by and the expectation of what lies ahead. That within its walls, the farmhouse represents a foundation of our culture and a freeing of our hearts.

So, what do you think of the concept? Feel free to comment.


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  1. I also bought the magazine, still haven’t had time to read it. As an organic farmer it does look interesting, we shall see.
    What did you think?

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