Bayer Introduces Shared Risk Program for Cotton

Carrie Muehling

Bayer is launching a Shared Risk Program for cotton growers in 2018 to provide replant protection and crop loss protection for irrigated or dryland acres in both the Eastern and Western regions. The program also offers dryland protection for Western Region producers who suffer yields less than 200 lbs. lint per acre due to drought and yield protection for Eastern Region producers whose yields are lower than 750 lbs. per acre.

“We want them to grow a great crop, but in these type of conditions out here in West Texas there is a lot of risk and we’re really pleased to be able to share that risk with growers,” said Kerry Grossweiler, Bayer CropScience SeedGrowth Equipment and Coatings Manager. “We actually are in the process of launching our 2018 Shared Risk program and it really has three components. One, it provides replant. We happen to have the industry’s lowest copay for replanting cotton at $25. And then the second piece is really crop loss. So if 60 days after they plant and their crop is lost, then we reimburse on seed trade and some other Bayer inputs. And then third, is dry land protection. So, at the end of the year if yields are below 200 pounds, we provide, again, the cost of seed, traits and some other inputs.”

Grossweiler said Bayer is also proud to continue supporting high yield growers with the FiberMax One Ton Club, which is now in its 13th year.

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